Origin Story: The Story of Hephaestas, Part 3

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Now with a full purse from his recent adventures in Stormreach Harbor and his memory slowly returning, he felt much more confident traveling. He took the first available Lightning Rail to House Cannith. The ride was pleasent enough, and quick. He handed the conductor a tip for the smooth travels, and was soon at the House Cannith gates.He approached the guards.

“Requesting permission for entry, friends.”

“Right. An’ who’s askin’? ” the guard on the left replied.

“Why, Hephaestas, sir” the Artificer promptly responded, knowing the guards surely knew him.

“Hephaestas, eh? Huh.” The guard spoke, in a low, grimy voice.

“Why, I thinks I remember me a Hephaestas – yeah, right shiny fella. High up there, kinda guy. One o’ them alchemically minded buggers, yeah. Not one of them common laborer drones, heh. How’s we to know you’s him and not just some poor forged sop trying to stir up trouble? Got ‘imself a shiny piece of armor to match the Mist’r Hephaestas, eh? ”

“I assure you friend, it is I, Hephaestas. High Alchemist of Cannith, first born to the Warforged, and Master Artificer to the House.”

“Right yeah that’s some flowery language there mate,” the guard on the right butted in, “but if you was really the real Hephaestas, you’d lift your cowl and show us your sigil like protocol requires.”

“Ah, yes, gladly sirs. You’ll have to forgive me, I haven’t been myself as of late.” Hephaestas remarked, and pulled up his cowl.

“Oh…Well I’ll be sent to Khyber – it is you.” The left guard exclaimed in relieved shock and embarrassment, “The sincerest of apologies, Master Hephaestas, we just been told to be a lil more careful about the Warforged we let in lately, special orders from Cannith’s Council – now, ya didn’t hear it from me sir, but I’s been noticing Master Toven been actin’ mighty anxious lately, this high security nonsense is his doing. He’s been working round the clock- and I mean like twice as much as usual, sir. Jus’ be careful, sir. Good to see you round again, eh. And again, we’s sorry for the hold up, we just been deflecting pompous forged tryna get in to the House lately – we ain’t been ourselves either.”

“Never you worry, friends. You’re doing your job, and We appreciate that.” Hephaestas spoke, as if he was well aware of the happenings, he quickly thought up an alibi for his undoubtedly long absence from the house. “I’ve been on a private diplomatic trip as of late, hoping to ease some of our outgoing relations troubles. I’ll touch base with Master Toven, hopefully I can help ease his mind a bit. Here’s hoping this high security wave passes by soon enough.”

“Righto, sir. Good on you. ” the guard replied, and the two of them began to open the gate. The clockwork mechanisms began to whirl and spin, the clatter of Cannith’s more primitive machinery began to press open. The bronze bull house crest sputtered smoke, and the gate sprang open.

A squadron of Warforged and Human guards lifted their armaments and saluted the Cannith Alchemist. Hephaestas nodded in acknowledgment and walked forward. His cerebral mainframe scrambling to remember names and units fast enough. He was part of the Cannith Council, he needed to remember this stuff! He needed to fully diagnose his internal systems.

He needed to get to his workshop.

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