The blogger behind the blog! Hi! I’m Hephaestas, or Heph for short. I’m a 2D & 3D graphic artist, small streamer personality, Discord addict, and fantasy enthusiast! And yes, before you ask, I know I spelled the name wrong 😉

It’s kinda my thing. Makes it more mine. Growing up I was enthralled by Greek Mythology. Found it extremely fascinating, but as a kid – the coolest guy of all was the Greek god who forged weapons and armor for the other gods and demigods. Albeit considerably weaker than say, his father Zeus, of course – he fascinated me. Since then I have always held a deep alter-ego-esque connection to the forge god. I named one of my first D&D characters after him, and took on the personality.

The D&D world was my gateway to fantasy. Sure, I grew up with things like Star Wars, Lord of the Rings, and other movies and novels – but nothing quite prepared me for the creative freedom that was an entire universe, scratch that – multiverse of lore and options. I fell in love with it! The artists! The writers! The stories I’d heard from others. It was all so enchanting I dove right in.

In this blog I will undoubtedly post a lot about my favorite video game and MMO, Dungeons & Dragons Online. I will undoubtedly post a lot of creative writings for original and semi-original characters, my love of the steampunk style, photos and music tracks that evoke the Victorian time period, and other similar styled media. I hope to include bits of my own art into the blog as well, so please stay tuned for that.

Thanks for stopping to get to know me, and don’t be afraid to stay a while and comment!

~ Heph

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